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Want a review, demo, unboxing, product placement, shout-out or to sponsor a video?

As I mentioned, one of my four YouTube channels is called Old Nerd Reviews , where I do food reviews, product reviews, and unboxing videos.  It presently has over 14k subscribers and over 3 million views.  It's growing nicely and I have an ever-growing audience of consistant and solid viewers.

You can
contact me and make a request.  Note that all reviews are honest.  My audience deserves that sort of respect and so does yours.  We both have our good reputations at stake.  Un-boxings are simply un-boxings.  No sort of bias involved.  It's totally your call what you would like.

For more indepth information for making a review request, check out my Social Blue Book profile.

My fees for dedicated review videos typically run around $237 per video, which includes production costs and social marketing.  Price can vary depending on what you need.

I also offer:

  • Un-boxing/Product Haul videos
  • Sponsored Videos
  • Product Placement

  Contact me for a quote.

I do request that non-food products be related to the channel so it will be of benefit to both you and I.  Since it is nerdy and geeky related, those are the type of products that will peform best since that is the target audience.  You wouldn't expect a review of golf clubs to do well on a YouTube channel focusing on football, that has an audience made up of football fans, would you?  Of course not.  They would simply ignore the video or tune out quickly.  Tech and other nerd and geek-related products will work best.  Think about what Nerds and Geeks enjoy.  If in doubt, email me and ask.  I'll tell you what we enjoy. ;)

Would I rather have 10,000 viewers who could care less about a product I'm reviewing or 500 viewers who are?  The viewers who are, of course.  Those are the ones who I am targeting and will open their wallets to buy.  That is the very reason the product needs to be of interest to the target audience.  YouTube is, indeed, a business.

Also, keep in mind that videos that go "viral" are not necessarily what you or I are looking for.  Those types of videos are like a bolt of lightning that strikes once and then is gone.  What we want are called Evergreen Videos.  These are videos that stand the test of time and will be just as relevant 10 years from now as they were when first released to the world.  Evergreen videos relate to food reviews just as much as they do product reviews.

Below, you will find examples of the product review work I do. 
  1. Tony is an action-oriented social marketer who is the real deal. In a sea of wannabes and "fake it until you make it" marketers, Tony rises above with proven marketing strategies and a hard, results-oriented work ethic. On top of all of that, Tony demonstrates the highest standards of integrity and ethical marketing practices which are both rare in this day and age.


  2. As a part-time Instructor at Portland Community College in the Business Department, I believe in bringing in knowledgable guest speakers who can provide in depth information to my students. I have had the privilege of having Tony come to two of my Business Communications classes to teach students about his experience in Social Media, specifically with You Tube. He has given excellent advice and ideas to the students. He is humorous and insightful. The students have benefited tremendously from the information Tony brought to my classroom. I will definitely be asking him to come back again.


  3. Tony is the perfect combination of techno-geek (I mean that in the nicest way) and lay-person who can understand and execute your needs. I recommend him for anyone who needs help with graphics, web marketing, internet "stuff"!


  4. During the two years that I worked with Tony, I was consistently impressed with his attention to detail and reliability. Time and again we depended on Tony to handle important elements of launch campaigns and company sales, and he always delivered. More importantly, when asked to step up and provide creative material, as he was often asked to do for company videos, Tony always delivered. He excelled at being the 'voice' of our company in all of our multimedia.


  5. Tony's a skilled video creator and has a great presence on video. He's experienced in using various video producing techniques, from making whiteboard videos with VideoScribe to screen recording with Camtasia to doing interviews on platforms like Google Hangouts or Blab.